One More
Mark Wright

Welcome. You’ve found one of the many guys around the world named Mark Wright.

I’m a Maryland, USA-based writer and communication strategist — and happily not one of the famous Mark Wrights.

Why do so many guys share my name? Wikipedia points to ancient Rome. The Romans came up with Marcus, which eventually morphed into Marc and Mark in England. Wright originated in England, where it ranks 16th among surnames.

You’re probably here to find out what I do. Here are some examples:

  • For a public relations & marketing firm in Rockville, Maryland, I help strategize how to deliver the results clients seek. I also ghost-write all sorts of pieces for them: op-eds, feature articles, blog posts, website copy, messaging guides, plus the usual news releases and media pitches every PR firm needs to generate “earned media” for clients.

  • For a national industry association based in Northern Virginia, I write a monthly feature article for its flagship member magazine, contribute most of the articles for its annual legislative section, copy edit and proof each month's issue, and help update selected manuals and reports.

  • For a local transportation nonprofit, I write its monthly e-newsletter and proof each formatted issue before it goes out.

How may I help you? I'm humbled to be one dot in a vast dot-com universe of Mark Wrights. Feel free to say hello via email or on social media.

What Else Am I Up To?

Creative Work:

  • When We Pave (This is an ongoing environmental awareness project.)

  • Photography (I'm slowly studying how light dances between the eye and the mind.)



  • What are three of your favorite websites?
    I really like the creativity of, the utterly non-corporate design and voice of, and the stunning photos on Hasselblad's site.

  • Who is your favorite fiction author?
    Anything by Thomas Pynchon blows me away.

  • Are you going to pay for a blue check on Twitter?
    Hahahahahahaha, you're hilarious.

* Literally no one ever asks, yet I feel oddly compelled to answer.